LOL-SHARE, no its not a Burger! Its a Quiz platform where we bring you some hot quizzes while eating some yum burgers! Okay, lets forget the Burgers and concentrate on the hot and freshly baked Quizzes. No, not cookies. Its the Quizzes that we are making, aims to add a tinge of entertainment and laughter in your mundane schedule. While you enjoy playing a handful of them, (yeah, not one because the results work better than the memes on your timeline), we concentrate on making some more.

Why play LOL-SHARE ?

Cuz Quizz9 despite being Quizzical in nature doesn’t test your intelligence and choose to embarrass you and neither make you feel unnecessarily good by asking some silly visual questions which unfortunately 99% can answer and claim otherwise. The Quizzes here are purely fun with absolutely no adulteration. They are made to give you a little personalised entertainment and sometimes, something to chit chat about.


Yeah!!Yeah!!! You might have some overflowing creativity in which case, All you have to do is, Like our Facebook Page and message us there with your out of the Burger ideas. If we like it, the Quiz will be made with credits to you.

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